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Borne of Necessity -- Born for Greatness

Gulf State Dental Association is a component of the National Dental Association which evolved when 12 dentists gathered in Washington, DC in 1900 to form a professional organization. The NDA is the premier dental organization for ethnic minorities and represents over 10,000 dentists, students, hygienists, assistants, spouses and the communities they serve. It is the parent organization of the Student National Dental Association and umbrella to the National Dental Hygienist Association, the National Dental Assistants Association and the Auxiliary to the NDA (spouse).

The NDA is dedicated to improving the oral health care of the under-served by embracing the philosophy that health care is a right, not a privilege of every American.

The NDA is comprised of forty-eight state and local chapters throughout the U.S. and Caribbean. Representing over 6,000 Black dentists, and 30 million Black Americans, it is currently expanding its membership to include oral health care professionals in Africa, Canada, Saudi Arabia, South America, and Latin America. It is also the parent organization of the National Dental Association Foundation, Student National Dental Association, National Dental Hygienists Association, National Dental Assistants Association and Auxiliary National Dental Association.  

The Charles A. George Dental Society is proud to play its part in an enduring legacy for the minority dental professional.

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